Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion

Novuhair PhilippinesNovuhair is proven to treat hair loss. It is made up of natural herbs, essential oils and nutrients which are verified and used for many years. Nuvohair go through deeply to revitalize, nurture and preserve moisture in our scalp and hair. Blood circulation in the scalp is improved as you use topical scalp lotion. You will notice the improvement as the formula result to hair growth and hair fall is avoided. The appearance of hair is also improved. Use Novuhair to effectively and safely prevent hair loss.

To use this product, spray moderate amount of Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion into your scalp after washing your hair. After that, massage your scalp for 10-15 mins. Wash off with water or you may use it as a leave on conditioner. Use this product twice a day.

NOVUHAIR is marketed by Nutramedica, Inc. and is available in Cory Quirino World of Wellness and Mercury Drug Stores.

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254 Responses to Novuhair Topical Scalp Lotion

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  2. Marc says:

    Is this the one featured in Rated K? Where can I buy Nuvo hair in the Philippines?

  3. BaldNoMore says:

    @Marc yes and it’s available in mercury drug.

    • Marco says:

      Does it really works? Cos im using this almost 4 months and my hair are still falling. Any advise.

      • Carl Anthony F. CaƱada says:

        Is there any progress regarding your hair condition? Its normal to loss hair 50-150 strands a day but. may i ask if in wat part of your scalp does balding occurs? it it in the forhead (frontal/temporal) part or at the center (vertex)????

  4. geargey says:

    im currently applying it on my scalp,though its expensive i have high hopes on this product does it really work???or then again are laser treatments or sergical methods expensive???

  5. genevieve says:

    how much it cost?

  6. YeSaC says:

    how much it cost? how fast it effects?

  7. ronnie says:

    is this products really works? how can we sure that when we use this products can satisfy us…any proven statement??tnx

  8. Rokz says:

    Is nuvohair safe

  9. rapunzo says:

    do not buy this product your wasting your money
    this is not good no effect at all pls don’t buy this it’s very disgusting and less effect at all

  10. Drew says:

    I’m almost done with the whole bottle of the topical solution and the shampoo but still I don’t see any improvements on my receding and thinning hair. Don’t buy this product ! It’s a waste of money with its expensive price. It’s ineffective and worst made my hair thinner.

  11. ron says:

    ako nagamit din ng novu hair for 2 weeks na. effective naman sya madaming tumutubo na maliliit na buhok sa part na minamassage ko.

    • jhing says:

      where you can buy the novuhair shampoo at magkano? tlaga bang effective yng product? hope to hear from you

    • nhelz says:

      i’ve been using the product for 2 weeks, but i cannot see any progress. meron bang specific way of massaging the scalp?

  12. ron says:

    nirecommend ng friend ko novu. mga 4 months na syang gumagamit medyo kumapal na buhok nya.

    • Jess says:

      The most effective and cheapest in the long rub is hair transplant. One time payment and no maintenance. I did mine 5 months ago and my hair is now growing and best of all i am satistied.

  13. lenz says:

    how much is Novu Hair?

  14. aspen says:

    P.I, napakamahal. P2.8k what a way to earn money exloiting the hairloss sufferers.

    this product sucks if it wants to help people with hairloss then there should be a testing bottle that is half the price,

    • ron says:

      medyo matagal naman magagamit,pero sana nga may smaller size pa para affordable sa iba. yung friend ko inaabot ng 3-4 months sa kanya. bago palang din ako wala pa 1 month.

  15. niknok says:

    pwede b gumamit nito ang edad 25 pababa???maagkano naman 2 ???

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