Biohair Shampoo

Biohair Solution is created ideally for people who endure from baldness or hair loss. It offers a scalp healing which aids to recover the scalp and hair condition. Biohairs Solution is a treatment that will lessen hair loss. The common task of your hair follicles will be assisted by Biohairs Solution by increasing cell metabolism, correcting damaged scalp and removing DHT that builds up and clogs pores. The wonder herb called Capsicum will rapidly bring all the nutrients to the parts of the body where it is needed to work faster to solve the hair loss problem. Also, the nutrient called Biotin will block the causes of hair loss.

To use this product, wash your hair with Bio Hair Shampoo, after that spray the Bio Hair Solution 7 to 8 times on the hairless scalp or on scalp with less hair. Massage into the scalp until the solution is completely absorbed. Rinse your hands thoroughly and let it dry naturally. Prolong usage of these products can give you noticeable results in 3 to 4 weeks.

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26 Responses to Biohair Shampoo

  1. Elroy says:

    What do you think is the most effective, Bio hairs or Nuvo Hairs? Does anyone knows any side effects?

    • karl says:

      For me Biohair is not effective at all, i have been using Biohair products for 6 months but nothing happened. During use, i got some improvement but as i stopped using products due to budget reason my hair went back where it was and not permanent hair grower. It was just a waste of money and time. Novu hair, i think would be better and in fact it is already published on big television network and proven effective.

      • einonz says:

        Hi Karl, i have been using novuhair for 2 months na and there’s no effect for me. I have planned to buy biohair next week sana but i was discourage for your comment. Is it really true na you are using biohair for 6 months na and nothing happened?

      • jaypar says:

        toto… bute nalng pe no post mo may balak sa ako bule para sa hair problem….ko

  2. BaldNoMore says:

    both have natural herbs ingredients but for me nuvo hair is more effective. you can try what works for you.

  3. Carissa says:

    How much is it? Where can i find it if i live at las piñas?

  4. Boomboompow. says:

    Where can i buy this product if i live at las piñas? How much is this product? Is it really effective?

  5. jaylie says:

    where can i buy bio hair solution product here in cebu? how much is this product?

  6. diego says:

    na try ko na bio hair pero wala nangyari mas lalo ako nakalbo.

    • carren says:

      siguro mali yung pag apply mo and you did not get enough sleep as well at hindi rin siguro bumagay ang product sayo… try another one.

  7. Miles says:

    My hair is begining to get thin, whats a good product to use that will thicken that area and not mess up the rest of my hair?

  8. tisoy says:

    have tried almost all products. regroe, biohairs, ultimate u name it i’ve use it simply not effective until i’ve tried rejuvenomix capsule and spray plus ginamit ko din suregrow shampoo and conditioner 1 month pa lang may diff. na agad di na oily scalp tsaka healthy na existing hair.

  9. tisoy says:

    plus of course change in lifestyle have enough sleep, less stress.. change in diet less fat more vegetable, tofu, oats, nuts etc.

    • jelloboy says:

      I agree with tisoy :), but na discourage n din ako na bumili ng Biohair, nakapamahal tapos di pala gagana :( gusto ko na bumalik sa pagiging binata looks !

  10. Richieboy says:

    I tried blendered onion ang make halo its all katas to my shampoo para bumula, it works fine but the smell sucks kaya i stopped it,, naka help un pwamiz.. wet hair tapos massage2x then leave it for 3 to 5 minutes before washing it out.. napansin ko kumapal buhok ko at gumanda wnawala pa dandruff, ang amoy lang talaga ang malaking problema pwamiz.. Para kang bumbay talaga heheh,,\\.. try it na lang kung nasa bahay lang kau.. ang amoy kasi di basta2x natatanggal agad eh kahit shampohin mo pa ng 3 times heheheh.. pero infairness effective talaga un..

  11. jboy says:

    try mo jason products baka may miracle, or svenson ka nalang mas effective daw..

  12. mutya ignacio says:

    my husband is presently experiencing hair loss and out of many existing products we can’t decide what product will be best for him…hope anyone could help us.

  13. Michael Burgs says:

    Hello! I am from Cebu and I would like to know where can I find the”Biohair solution” here in Cebu City. I am getting bald and I don’t look good at it.


  14. Mark Quetua says:

    hay guys…
    ako sinusubukan ko lagi yung aloe vera, dame kame tanim dito sa bahay namen e, sana nga bumalik na yung dating kapal ng buhok ko, ang pagkakaalam ko kasi kaya numinipis ang buhok kapag laging dameng iniisip at puro problema…
    pero hindi dapat ikahiya ang pag nipis ng buhok, kasi lahat tayo ay mawawalan talaga ng buhok..

    nag share lang ako guys…thanks!

    godbless all…

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